2 - ADJ Dotz T-Par Stage Lighting Systems LED
1 - Chauvet Minisphere LED
1 - ADJ
Micro Gobo Laser
1 - ADJ
Micro Galaxian Laser
1 - ADJ Anti-Motion
DJ & Karaoke Control Rack
Our Music & Mixer Control Laptops Are
Located Out Front of The Performance Area
Main Audio System
Behringer xAir XR12
Laptop Audio Mixer Control
(Located on top of our control rack)
Behringer xAir XR12
12 Channel Digital Audio Mixer
with Studio Vocal Effects
(Located in our control rack)
19" LCD TV for Karaoke Lyrics with
2 - Sennheiser Evolution e935 Microphones
Available Event Lighting
We mix and match our Lighting System Depending
on the size of a DJ Dance or Karaoke Event
1 - Chauvet 4play Moonflower LED
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2 - ADJ Mega Par Profile
Stage Lights LED
The Firehouse DJs
Emmitsburg, MD
The Firehouse DJs
Emmitsburg, MD
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We come from a background of musicians and prefer to set up Our Audio Mixer / Song Request Table out and
away from the Karaoke Performance Area and Main Speakers  (This is where Live Bands have their Sound Man set up).
From out front, the overall main volume and individual performances can be adequately Equalized and Mixed because;
"We are mixing the performance out in front of the main speakers, and can hear exactly what the audience is hearing".
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2 - Maui 11 Line Array Speaker Systems
Active / Powered Speaker. Each speaker can easily support
500 watts output, and a wide Horizontal Coverage area of 120 Degrees.
120 Degrees means better overall room coverage even at lower volumes.
Internal Audio Processing keeps the sound clean and distortion free.
Each speaker consists of:
1 - 1" Top Super Tweeter
8 - 3" Mid-Low / Midrange / Mid-High Speakers
2 - 6.5" Subwoofers   Note: a 3rd Sub can be added if needed
Alto TX208
300 Watt Powered
8" Vocal Monitor
1 - Electro-Voice ZXA1
12" Compact Powered Sub Speaker
Can easily support 500 watts output
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