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Info For The Performers and How We Manage The Event
Understanding a professional karaoke event.
During a Karaoke Event, we simply do not have the time to discuss and / or debate with individual performers (or Audience Members) regarding a simple and proven karaoke event process.
We feel that all involved with performing should be treated exactly the same.

Performers and the Audience will need to trust our 25 years of experience with conducting over
900 DJ / Karaoke Events.
10 to 15 (or more) performers per rotation during our karaoke events are common.
Please do not expect to perform more than 3 or 4 songs throughout an entire 4 hour Karaoke event.

This information has been provided for those who attend Other Karaoke Events and may not fully understand that "our events" are handled professionally and fairly for all involved.
We will keep the Karaoke Rotation fair for all performers and we will not favor any specific performer.
Each Performer will sign up for one song choice per rotation.
Sign Up Slips filled out by the performers are needed to keep the singer rotation organized and accurate (The performers will stay in line with each other throughout the karaoke event).

Always remember that each karaoke rotation of performers is dictated by simple math,
(The number of performers X the time frame of each song performed).
If you have needed to wait longer to perform your next song, it is simply because more people have arrived and have signed up to sing, and are now listed at the bottom of a rotation in progress.
(The Singer Rotation List can become longer during the karaoke event).
See  Understanding Singer Rotation Statistics   Below.

Below are common Karaoke Host procedures that have been put in place due to suggestions and comments made by fellow Karaoke Performers and Audience Members regarding an organized karaoke event.
We along with the Management of an establishment expect all to be respectful of each other
and our audio equipment during the event, especially when the singers are performing. 

· Please, NO DRINKS on stage area while performing

· Profanity while performing will not be tolerated

· When Signing up to sing:  Please “Print”.
   Please Keep your name the same on your Karaoke Song Request Slips.

· If someone you know wants to sing, they should fill out a Karaoke Request Slip.
Please do not sign up individuals who are not prepared or willing to sing.
(Doing this only takes away performance time for other singers, and complicates the singer rotation).

Signing Up To Sing is Simple
Organized Karaoke Books are provided for you to view our Song List Choices.
·  Please keep our Karaoke Books near the karaoke entertainment area and away from the
Bar, Food, & Beverages.
When you are finished viewing a Karaoke Book, please share it with others.
You can also "Look Up" a Song or Artist on our Website using our "Karaoke Song List" before you arrive to our karaoke events.
We have legally purchased each karaoke song that is in our library database, so there are no duplicate Karaoke Songs by various manufacturers to choose from.
Your Name, The Artist and the Title of the song is all that is needed on a Karaoke Request Slip.
We need a "Karaoke Request Slip" filled out (by You) for each song that you intend to sing in order to keep the Karaoke Rotation of Singers organized & accurate.

Understanding Singer Rotation Statistics - It is Simple Math
Below is an example of the Time Frame for a full Karaoke Singer Rotation and the Number of Times per hour that you may be performing.
·  The average time frame of a singers performance is about 4 minutes.
You can fit about 15 performances within an hour interval.
15 Singers in a rotation would mean that on average, each singer will sing a song
1 Time during an hour interval.   4 min x 15 Performers = 60 Minutes

·  We will not favor any specific karaoke performer
Each Performer will sign up for one song choice per rotation - You can either sign up for a SOLO or a DUET song per Karaoke Rotation.
The “Singer Rotation” will be handled fairly and each performer will be arranged within a specific order (First Come - First Served). The performers will stay in line with each other throughout the karaoke event.

·  If you hand in several Song Request Slips at the beginning of the event (No more than 3 at a time)
The songs will be written into our “Karaoke Song Request Spread Sheet” at separate performance intervals within the rotation in order to keep the rotation of performers accurate.  Note that you will
not be Performing all of your karaoke songs in a row.
We will then announce or ask you for additional request slips throughout the event if needed.

·  Please do not ask us to move you (or anyone) as the next singer or to be moved up within the singer rotation list for any reason (This is not fair to others who have been waiting to perform).
If you need to leave early from the event, please let us know in order to remove you from the Rotation List.

·  If you have arrived after the karaoke event has started, please ask the karaoke host if time
will allow you to perform due to others already on the rotation list and waiting to sing.
All Performers will stay in line with each other for " First Come - First Served ".
NOTE: Late / Additional arrivals will be added to the bottom of the current rotation of performers in progress, you will not be performing "immediately".
(Simply put: If you show up late at any karaoke event, you are taking the chance that there may not be time left for you to perform).

·  Regarding a DUET Song Choice
Duet songs are not added as "extra performance songs" during a karaoke rotation. (these additional DUET songs would not be fair to the SOLO performers who have been waiting in
line to sing).
For DUET Song Choices: One person out of any Two People who want to perform a "DUET  SONG" will use their One Song Choice during a Karaoke Rotation in order for these Two Singers to perform the Duet song.
Therefore, No one else has lost their turn in a rotation and the karaoke Rotation List of all performers will stay the same.

·  Cut-Off Point for Signing up to sing
We will announce when we will no longer be taking karaoke Song Request Slips
(at this point we can not simply "squeeze you or anyone" into the rotation).
The cut-off point means that there is only enough time left for the remaining performers to
finish out their requested songs before the event ends.
NOTE: Due to time constraints deemed by management, we can not always conclude the
karaoke event in ending out a full singer rotation.

Regarding Your Personal Karaoke CD’s
·  It is OK to bring your Karaoke CD+G Disk to be played through our karaoke system.
However, We can not play Video Karaoke CD's or DVD's.
(These are a different karaoke format than what we use).

NOTE: Also, keep in mind that if your Karaoke CD+G Disk has previously been damaged or scratched, the Song Lyrics and/or Music may become garbled or unreadable during your performance.
We have never had any issues with our CD+G Disk Drive, and we have no magic fix for unreadable or skipping Karaoke CD+G Disks.

Regarding “Key Changes” for your song request
·  As far as we can determine, 99.9 % of all karaoke songs are in the Key that they were
originally recorded in (E, A, D, G,  etc..)

·  NOTE:
Some Performers ask us to change the Key of a Song in order for them to be able to sing it.
However, Starting and stopping a Karaoke Song (several times) just to experiment with a Key Change for a Performer only ads unneeded / extra time to an event and can be very annoying for the audience.
Therefore, We no longer have a "key Changer" at our events.
All electronic "Key Changers" used to (step UP or DOWN)  and/or higher or lower the Songs Pitch or Key Change do not always Change the song in an exact "Key" (UP or DOWN), but instead vary the pitch in what the Key Changer describes as "Semi-Tones".
Since "Semi-Tones" are not an exact musical reference, we suggest performing a song in it's original intended Key.

Electronic Key Changes Are Not All Calibrated In The Same Musical Scale.
The Key Step Change Can Be Different Depending On The Manufacturer
Of the Key Changer Devise.
Our research has shown that a performer believes that He/She is singing the song in an exact Key Step (UP or DOWN) after the song has been changed by the "Electronic Key Changer", when in fact the song may have only been changed to an "Off Key" or "Semi-Octave" Pitch Change and/or "Off Tone" variance difference within the musical scale.

Regarding DJ / Dance Music During the Karaoke Event
We have been booked as Karaoke Entertainment for this event, and therefore Karaoke Performances will take priority.
However, If the singer rotation is short
(under 10 performers), several dance music selections may be provided after each full karaoke singer rotation in order to add other musical entertainment dynamics during the event.

The Firehouse DJs
Emmitsburg, MD
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